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The number of walking steps, pay attention to "three mornings and four evenings", 100 days to see results!

The number of walking steps pays attention to "three mornings and four evenings"

The correct walking posture is to step out and wide, heel first, and arm swing.

Scientific walking requires time and speed. A normal person walks about 10,000 steps every day, and the number of steps is roughly distributed as "three in the morning and four in the evening", that is, 3,000 steps in the morning, 3,000 steps from morning to afternoon, and 4,000 steps in the evening. However, the specific allocation is subject to personal habits and physical conditions. Among them, 3000 steps need to be slightly fast to achieve the effect of slightly sweating.

The heart rate that needs to be controlled while walking also has corresponding requirements according to different ages. The middle-aged and elderly people are roughly 150-age = suitable heart rate (about 100 beats/min), and the middle-aged and young people in their 40s are roughly 170-age = suitable heart rate (about 120~130 beats/min).

After walking, the body weight and body fat will be improved, and the effect will be more obvious in about 100 days. (Selected from People's Daily Online, with deletions and modifications)

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