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No. Products CAS NO. APPLICATION Show More
1 VPancreatin 8049-47-6 It is used for biochemical research, clinically as a digestive aid, for dyspepsia, anorexia, digestive disorders caused by pancreatic diseases, and dyspepsia in patients with diabetes
2 Amylase 9000-92-4 Enzyme preparations. It is the most widely used and consumed type of enzyme preparations
3 Protease 37259-58-8 Applied in fields such as food, medicine, chemical industry, washing, feed, etc
4 Cellulase 9012-54-8 Cellulase is a digestive enzyme. Used to treat indigestion and loss of appetite
5 Xylanase 37278-89-0 Food and feed additives
6 Invertase 9001-57-4 Enzyme preparations, used in ice cream, liquid chocolate, preserves, various candies, jams, etc
7 ALPHA-GALACTOSIDASE 9025-35-8 The effect of enzyme preparations for promoting digestion and preventing diarrhea
8 Glucoamylase 9032-08-0 This product can catalyze the hydrolysis of starch to produce beer, yellow wine, sauce, monosodium glutamate, and antibiotics; Also used in the production of glucose, maltose, and dextrin
9 Lactase 9031-11-2 Enzyme preparations. Mainly used in the dairy industry
10 Pectinase 9032-75-1 Pectinase can be used as an enzyme preparation. Pectinase is mainly used for squeezing and clarifying fruit and vegetable juice beverages and wine, and has a good effect on breaking down pectin