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How can there be coordination? Several fitness methods to teach you to maintain state quickly

What is coordination and the factors that affect coordination? Coordination refers to the correct timing of the action of the body's muscle groups, the correct direction and speed of the movement, and the balance, stability and rhythm. Among all kinds of physical training, coordination training is the most difficult, because there are many factors that affect coordination, including genetics, psychological quality, technical proficiency, muscle strength, muscle endurance, body center of gravity balance, the relationship between speed and endurance, flexibility degree, etc.
1. Develop the habit of physical exercise

Stand on one foot and leave the other foot off the ground. The standing foot cannot move. Keep the body as stable as possible for 1 minute. Then switch feet and continue doing the same. This is what we usually call "Golden Rooster Independence", and this method can help us develop the habit of coordination.

2. Complete the action in reverse

Reverse skipping practice, skipping with one foot or both feet, the left and right feet should be replaced frequently, maintain a certain rhythm and frequency, and the number of skipping ropes should not be too many. Breaking the conventional method of exercise allows our left and right hands to better coordinate with each other, helping us to strengthen and deepen our coordination.

3. Changes in the speed and rhythm of habitual movements

For variable-speed running, after the warm-up is completed, jog for a short period of time, then increase the speed, continue to run the same distance, then reduce the speed, and then run the same distance again, so that the cycle can be repeated many times to achieve the exercise effect.

4. Complete complex actions in game mode

The game of catching and throwing the ball on the spot can be completed by a single player or multiple people. Throw the ball high, catch it accurately, and so on. In this way, we can be more coordinated from happiness, isn't it a thing that kills two birds with one stone?

5. Require creative changes to the way actions are performed

For dancing, you can learn basic movements from professional teachers, and then create new movements and new rhythm dances according to your own conditions and abilities, and practice more.

6. Increase the combination of movements to make the exercise more complex

HIIT, you can download the relevant software, follow the guidance of the video, and complete the daily exercises. After a period of time, you can enhance your physical fitness and improve your physical fitness in an all-round way.

7. Change the range of action space

Play basketball, find like-minded friends, and try to be as good as possible, so that we can participate together, make progress together, and exercise our body in entertainment.
8. Use various equipment or natural environment to do various complex exercises

It is recommended to use professional gym equipment. Under the guidance of professionals, complete the movements, do more complex movements and less joint movements, and stick to it for a long time.

9. Timely use of signals or conditioned stimulation to make athletes perform various exercises that change their movements

Practice swing sports, such as table tennis, you can interact with the server, and you need to focus and practice more every time. After you are proficient, you can do turn-based training with people with a slightly higher level to experience the fun.

Conclusion: Coordination ability is based on the balanced development of physical quality. It can organically integrate the speed, strength, endurance and technology it has to achieve the best effect. Closely related to the perfection of the development of the nervous system, coordination means economy and energy saving, which should be highly valued. Of course, if you want to practice coordination, you must have a foundation. Doing various sports should be done step by step to consolidate the foundation, so that it is not easy to get injured, and it is easier to achieve success. Let's be more coordinated and show a different kind of beauty!

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