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Tip: When this thing appears in the legs, it's time to pay attention, it may be that the blood vessels in the legs are blocked

If we compare the human body to a machine, then the blood vessels in the human body can be called the "pipeline system" of the machine. When the pipe system is blocked, it will affect the normal operation of the human body, and in the case of serious blood vessels Before the blockage, there are certain signs, especially when the following five major manifestations appear in the legs, it is time to pay attention. It is very likely that the blood vessels in the legs are blocked.

01. Leg skin abnormalities

Under normal circumstances, when we lift the leg, the skin of the leg will turn white, and when we put it down, the skin will return to pink. In fact, this is because the blood circulation is blocked in the process of raising the leg, and the posture is wrong. In addition to this situation, under normal circumstances, the skin of the legs has turned into abnormal colors such as black, purple, cyan, etc., it is necessary to pay attention. This also implies that the blood circulation in the legs is very poor, and it is very likely that a blockage has occurred.

02. Pain in the legs

The lack of blood circulation in the legs will lead to insufficient blood supply to the tissues, and ischemia will cause pain, especially when people walk, there will be obvious pain.

03. Leg numbness, weakness

Many people with arteriosclerosis experience numbness in their legs and feet. Some people also have slurred speech and hearing loss. This shows that our blood vessels are blocked, and the blood supply to the limbs is insufficient, which makes nutrients It can't be delivered to the legs well, and the legs will feel numb. When the situation is serious, it will affect our normal walking, so when the legs and feet are numb, it is best to go to the hospital to check the blood lipids to see if the blood lipids are sticky.

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