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What are the side effects of L-carnitine tartrate?

L-carnitine bitartrate is noted for its weight loss benefits, L-carnitine bitartrate also has endurance and anti-fatigue benefits. Some people say that L-carnitine tartrate has no toxic side effects. However, if it is for some special people, L-carnitine tartrate can have side effects. The following is a detailed account of the side effects of L-carnitine bitartrate.


L-carnitine tartrate is mainly balanced by the kidneys and can be highly stored in the kidneys. It is a kind of reservoir role. Normal kidney function will not cause problems. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of lesions that may occur when the kidney function is reduced. L-Carnitine tartrate is not recommended for people with liver or kidney disease. If you intend to improve obesity metabolism and muscle capacity, it is generally recommended that you stop using it for one week after every month of use; if you take it in large amounts (5 grams per day for an adult, except for people with AIDS), you may get diarrhea.


L-carnitine tartrate to lose weight less diet, according to experts, L-carnitine tartrate as a nutritional fortification itself does not have side effects, but if you take a diet to lose weight, long-term use may cause harm to the body, because the human body needs a comprehensive, balanced and appropriate amount of diet every day, mineral compounds, protein, fat as well as not less, just eat vitamins is likely to cause malnutrition.


L-carnitine tartrate affects sleep, L-carnitine and coffee like anti-fatigue, therefore, taking L-carnitine will affect the quality of sleep, so try not to take L-carnitine before rest is appropriate. L-carnitine tartrate needs to be hydrated, L-carnitine tartrate will lead to increased sweating, pay attention to hydration. Take timely hydration to eliminate toxins.


L-carnitine tartrate is an amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy. It is particularly suitable for people to do cardio exercise to lose fat. The effect is more obvious. Different types of daily diets already contain 5 - 100 mg of L-Carnitine Tartrate. L-carnitine tartrate is produced in the liver and kidneys of the body and stored in the muscles, semen, brain and heart.

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