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Oral hypoglycemic drug king "change of ownership", the birth of a new 2 billion varieties! Top 10 big reshuffle, Keren, Lep ...... heavy first generic attack

2-cyano-5-fluorine benzyl bromide is used as the intermediate of Trelagliptin succinate .
Trogliptin succinate is a dipeptidyl peptidase Ⅳ (DPP - Ⅳ) inhibitor developed by Takeda (Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) in Japan. It can selectively and continuously inhibit DPP - Ⅳ and control blood glucose level. Clinical trials show that the drug has good safety and effectiveness. Once a week can effectively control the blood glucose level and improve the medication compliance of patients. In May, 2015, the drug was approved by Japan PMDA to be listed for the treatment of diabetes.
  In recent years, with the aging of the population, the incidence of chronic diseases gradually climbing, the related drug market has attracted much attention. The data within the meter shows that in 2021, the sales scale of oral diabetic chemical drugs market at the terminal of Chinese public medical institutions exceeds 20 billion yuan level. Among the Top 10 products, six seats are occupied by collectively purchased products, and eight have sales of more than 1 billion yuan, with Metformin hydrochloride tablets ascending to the throne of "one brother" and Dagliflozin tablets breaking through 2 billion yuan for the first time and entering the top three. Since this year, eight oral hypoglycemic drugs have been approved for marketing. At present, there are 37 oral hypoglycemic drugs (acceptance number more than 150) reported production in the trial, of which, dagliflozin tablets, viglitin tablets, sitagliptin phosphate tablets are the most sought-after; kagliflozin metformin extended-release tablets, Rubiprostone capsules, tiglitin hydrobromide tablets and other 6 products are no generic approved, involving Sichuan Keren Pharmaceutical, Nanjing Zhengda Tianqing Pharmaceutical, Lepu Pharmaceutical and many other companies.
  Over 20 billion market "battle", 8 oral hypoglycemic drugs were approved this year
  Sales of oral diabetic chemistry at public medical institutions in China in recent years (unit: billion yuan)

  As the population ages and the incidence of chronic diseases gradually rises, the market for related drugs has attracted much attention. The market scale has declined in the past two years due to factors such as epidemic and collection. Data from shows that in 2021 in China's urban public hospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers and township health centers (referred to as China's public medical institutions) terminal oral diabetes chemical drug market sales scale of more than 20 billion yuan level.
  Oral diabetes chemotherapy drugs approved for marketing since this year

  This year, eight oral hypoglycemic drugs (15 product categories) have been approved for marketing, among which, Sichuan Keren Pharmaceutical's Troglitazone Succinate Tablets and Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory's Miglitol Orally Disintegrating Tablets are the first generic.
  Troglitazone Succinate Tablets is a long-acting dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor developed by Takeda, and is the first oral hypoglycemic drug approved for weekly dosing in China. Colum Pharmaceuticals said that Troglitazone Succinate Tablets is the company's fifth approved diabetes treatment drug after Engeletin Tablets, Kagliptin Tablets, Sitagliptin Tablets and Liglitazone Tablets, which will further enhance the company's pipeline competitiveness in the field of diabetes.
  Miglitol was developed by Bayer, and data from shows that the sales of miglitol at public healthcare terminals in China exceeded 600 million yuan in 2021. At present, only Miglitol tablets are on sale, and three have production approvals, namely Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory, Shandong New Era Pharmaceutical, and Sichuan Vio Pharmaceutical, of which, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory has the largest market share.
  King of oral hypoglycemic drugs "changed hands", the birth of new 2 billion varieties, the Top 10 reshuffle
  Top 10 oral diabetic chemical products in public medical institutions in China in 2021



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