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  • Phone : +86 21 64057580
  • Address : Shanghai China

About us

  JIN DUN Medical Research Institute is affiliated to Shanghai JIN DUN Industrial Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, adjacent to Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station and Hongqiao International airport. JIN DUN Medical Research Institute is committed to providing pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials with the purpose of innovative drug researchCustomized R&D and customized production services.

  JIN DUN Medical has ISO qualification and production bases that meet GMP standards in Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other places. In Jiangsu R&D center, several domestic and foreign drug synthesis experts are employed to guide the company's research and development all the year round. In hepatitis, diabetes, tumor, analgesia, anti-psychotic, anti blood, they have rich experience in the research and development of suppository intermediates. Long-term scientific research cooperation and technology grafting with Chinese universities. Utilizing Jiangsu's abundant medical resources, it has long-term trade relations with India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other markets, and provides full process marketing as well as sales services from various intermediates to finished API.

  Our team take advantage of JIN DUN Chemical's resource accumulation in fluorine chemistry to provide partners with customized services for special medicals. Then to provide process innovation and impurity research services for target customers.

  JIN DUN Medical insists on creating a team with dreams, making dignified products, meticulous, rigorous, and going all out to be a trusted partner and friend of customers!